31 thoughts on “Gluten free Low Carb Flour Roti/Gluten free multigrain Roti Softer Than Wheat Flour Roti

  1. mubeen abdul says:

    Hi … thanks for the vid … my roti's are not coming out like this … i copied it step by step … they come out like white chewy naans … is there a different Gluten flour you use ? When i knead mine the dough breaks, even when i try to take it off the table top …..

  2. Sangeeta Patel says:

    Def will try!!! Only thing is I won't puff up on direct flame as read somewhere it's not good for nutrition but each to their own.. I manage to make super soft chapatis anyway on tawa.
    Thank you for great recipe and demonstration.

  3. neetu khanna says:

    Hi, I have celiac disease. I have tried to make roti in same way but my roti hasn’t turned out soft although it was very hard and dry. I used all flours in same quantity. In this video your roti’s colour looks same like wheat roti but my roti’s colour was dark brown if you have mixed any other flours then let me know please.

  4. Chandrika Kakad says:

    Hi, amazing glutefree roti recipe thanks for sharing its boon for allergic people and good for weight loss also please can you write the atta recipe in description box for easy & quick reference. 🙏💞🌷

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