Sandwich Bread | Gluten Free | Egg Free | Healthy, Soft & Delicious | Flax seeds

23 thoughts on “Sandwich Bread | Gluten Free | Egg Free | Healthy, Soft & Delicious | Flax seeds

  1. Monika Kapoor Goel says:

    Hi Harleen… I’m able to make the breads but they break/crumble at the time of heating or using in any form. Is it normal with such breads or am I doing something wrong. Pls advise.

  2. mpunekar says:

    We tried to make this bread twice and though we used exact same ingredients and measurements, our dough rose just an inches or so during proofing and then deflated during baking. The inner of the bread was soggy and sticky though we baked it for enough time with correct temperature.

    Though we don't have stand mixer and mixed everything with hand. Can it make such a huge difference?

    Can a different type of rice flour create such problems? I would appreciate if you can provide information about rice flour you are using.

  3. ANSHUL SHARMA says:

    Hello buddy great job. I just need to ask what you give your child in his lunch box. As that is really big challenge for me. One more thing from where you are buying whea free noodles as am staying in Canada and here its not available even in Indian stores.
    Can you please share videos on lunch box for kids for their school. Nobody has made that.

  4. Vasudha Vig says:

    I made this bread lat night. It was really soft and spongy. But my kids didn't like the flavor of flaxseeds in it.

    I am wondering if I could use physillum husk gel instead of Flax egg in it as you have used in your other bread recipe. And please let me know how much of physillum husk and water proportion should be used.

  5. Fang Lauw says:

    the bread is delicious, so happy finally found your recipe, however the bread come out like decompressed after oven. like shrink on the middle sides. do you have any idea what did I do wrong?

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