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49 thoughts on “Johnny Cakes – 100 Year Old Recipe – Gluten Free – The Hillbilly Kitchen

  1. Christina Larsen says:

    I love your cooking.. I love more that you share the love, grace and peace of Jesus Christ gives everyone who gives their lives to Him. God bless you and your family… he is the most important person in the world and beyond. He is my truest love, my Savior, my Master, my best friend.. without him I am nothing, I have nothing.

  2. Rosemary Kriegel says:

    I was fortunate to have a dormmate in college who asked for Jesus to forgive her of her daily sins and along with that also asked him to reveal to her those sins which she committed that particular day. What an example that was for me to witness. It's been over 40 years as still is remembered.

  3. Roy Urick says:

    I grew up on the basic recipe (cornmeal, salt, and water only), except instead of individual cakes, it was one pan sized cake, 1" thick. Grandma would fry the cake in bacon grease (with a little bacon grease mixed in with the hot water) . I still make it this way today, using my great grandma's cast iron skillet, passed down from my grandma.

  4. Grace West says:

    The only person that is hurt by unforgiveness is the one that is unwilling to forgive. You message is on target. Praying for your enemies is a key to true forgiveness. May God continue to bless you.

  5. Lolli Pop says:

    My dear sister in Christ; I hope & pray you’ll take that dwn, your “FFW If u don’t wanna hear about Jesus” disclaimer. And you actually touched on it when you mentioned your feelings on including “something” in your vids sometimes, and it being to the detriment of your viewers if you don’t. When you’re right, you’re right! It is SO right that it’s on your ❤️.

  6. Jeffrey Butler says:

    I'm going to make the Johnny Cakes, but the Jesus Christ part caught me by surprise. We love the Lord and my wife started hollering "she's awesome!" We want to encourage you.

  7. C McB says:

    Your Forgiveness Sermon, hit home well. I fight against a spirit of unforgiveness. Particularly I have a hard time forgiving those who intentionally inflict harm who are not the least repentant, who I am well aware are going to do it again. My heart is poisoned and I am aware of this, and ask for God's forgiveness daily when my mind returns to what I have put up with. I think this is just Satan bringing it up into memory again, to tempt us to once again become angry about such.

  8. Marco Amy Rotting says:

    Thank you for making the commandment to for and ask for forgiveness so simple and easy to understand. I struggle to forgive others as well as myself. I need to pray about this daily.
    Thank you

  9. Mark Norwood says:

    Is this like "Fried Cornbread"?
    My wife used to make fried cornbread and I loved it.
    Great with Pinto beans and. fried potatoes.
    A lot a people have Never Heard of fried cornbread.

  10. Bob Adkins says:

    I was raised on hoecakes and never got away from them. I like them with bacon bits in the batter, There's nothing better with red beans or pinto beans. They're also great broken up in scrambled eggs.

  11. Margaret Angstadt says:

    I was born in W. Va. and your recipes bring back fond memories. I wanted to know if you make red eye gravy? Also do you have a recipe that uses egg white uncooked (I think) to make the frosting for strawberry short cake? Blessing for sharing about Jesus and His great love for all.

  12. Christi Fox says:

    I really needed this. I think I'm going to watch this video everyday. This has been a question on my mind for a few years now. As life has become exponentially worse for me, my anger and lack of forgiveness has really led me to some dark days and nights. Thank you for the reciepe for forgiveness. Oh, and the for the Johnny Cakes too. :0)

  13. Phillip Bingham says:

    amen sister in Christ ! this is wonderful ! we are also believers…Jesus is our only hope.. very very good ! i have lots of good recipes to.. but you can have our email adress if you want it..

  14. Gayle Felter says:

    Dear Friend, I love your Program. I will definitely have to get your Cookbook as I can’t keep writing them out I will have to get a new Notebook to keep them together.LOL I am so happy I found you. Have a Happy Summer,👩‍🍳
    Blessings to you and those you love from Gayle in New Jersey 🌹🌿

  15. Shannon Nichols says:

    I love that you explain the importance of forgiveness-not only asking God for forgiveness from sin, but also us forgiving! That’s the hard one! We have such trouble forgiving others, but I think sometimes we have the most trouble forgiving ourselves! We are called to forgive others & pray for those who spitefully use us…TOUGH!!! It’s easy to “say” to the people that you forgive them & maybe you even think you do. But try praying for someone who is in the midst of doing you wrong… I’m telling you, I learned as a young woman I wasn’t great with that! First, I had to “get over myself” to even realize my job was to pray for them. When I finally knelt to pray, it went something like this….”ok, Lord, I heard you! I’m trying to be obedient and pray for them but I really don’t want to, + I don’t know how! So I’m gonna kneel here before you, Lord, & tell you I’m praying for _______ out of obedience to you. Please help me know what to do next & make this whole mess turn out right to honor you, Lord! In Jesus name Amen 🙏!”

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