How to make GLUTEN-FREE RAVIOLI ‣‣ with Butternut Squash Filling

26 thoughts on “How to make GLUTEN-FREE RAVIOLI ‣‣ with Butternut Squash Filling

  1. Armyvetgrl says:

    I have Celiac disease and am so excited to try this. Bobs red mill is great, but is you are allergic to Sorghum, the 1 to 1 won't work.
    Lots of other 1 to 1 brands without it though.

  2. Kardainz Kardain says:

    That Bobs red mill is pretty expensive…25 pounds/11.3 KG 60$ USD/87 AUD (Not including postage, if they do post to AUS…, as a Gluten free not by choice unlike those who feel like it is a health lifestyle choice, might be nice to explain when using a general GF flour, what other starches/Xanthan gum to add, otherwise nice recipe.

  3. Kideto Hellfire Mibu says:

    Hmm I will try to do this because I wanna make something my friend can eat because she’s gluten intolerant and I mean that she’s not a faker like most people who think oh I’m on a gluten free diet and think that makes them gluten intolerant and can you change the flower used???


    A ver convertid la receta en una receta vegan
    Es lo que hago yo con los videos y gano mas dentro de mi convirtiendo recetas con carne y demas en vegan
    Miradlo desde ese punto de vista
    Yo cuando lo hago me siento y como feliz
    No hay nada como sustituir lo que te enfada con ingredientes que te hacen feliz
    Mejor aprender una receta
    que enfadarse
    No merece la pena

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