Gluten-Free Pasta | Basics with Babish

32 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pasta | Basics with Babish

  1. lumberjack 717 says:

    Ive been diagnosed with ciliac for four years now and have always loved watching your videos but for the most part couldn't do them but with this I can finally do some of them and also it makes me really happy to see you doing this

  2. Thomas Ryan says:

    Pasta joy is 10/10. Saying it is indistinguishable is doing it a disservice though. It is it’s only thing, in my opinion. It has it’s own texture that is unique to it. It’s very smooth (unlike many gluten free products), chewier, and has a flavor that is distinct from wheat pasta or vermicelli noodles. I have been eating it most of my life and I prefer it to gluten counterparts

  3. LondonFog says:

    I’m late to the party! But I have very sensitive skin and a scalp with plaque psoriasis that spikes hardcore to things like gluten 😒 So I try to stay off of it and it’s such a relief to see someone who makes kickass meals actually make some gluten free noodles that look like hair from the angles, ambrosia of the gods— that’s not something you just find!

  4. Meghana Mohanty says:

    Hey Babish, you can check out the recipe for iddi-appam, a type of rice noodle. It is a staple in south India and could probably taste close to real pasta. Its generally eaten with a stew or fresh coconut milk.

    It is made by slowly adding rice flour to lukewarm water and letting it rest for sometime. The rice flour is lightly roasted so that the noodles arent as sticky. After the dough as cooled, it is extruded through this hand pressed machine in circles(just like you nestle your pasta) and steamed for 10 mins….but do check out an authentic recipe!

  5. thevioletdivide says:

    I've literally just been put on a low FODMAP diet to try to diagnose some of my digestive issues, and was feeling very overwhelmed by all the changes I needed to make to my diet — thank you for the no-nonsense approach to creating tasty alternatives to the things I'm used to eating! (I'll have to omit the garlic, but I've been told garlic-infused olive oil isn't problematic — somehow? — so I can still get that flavour!)

  6. One of the Fallen says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for doing a gluten-free one it’s so hard to adapt recipes to gluten free food and knowing it comes from here it has to be amazing I can’t wait to try it <3 My family members who are celiac thank you. ❤️

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