27 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Bread with Flaxseed

  1. Papa Knees Dance please says:

    It's so delicious. I love it. Great tip for flaxseed baked bread. Try it without the salt, and add peanut butter then bake. When baked, like a sandwich put sliced boiled eggs or fried eggs, melted American cheese or a spread of cream cheese, juicy bacon or sliced baked sausages, and avacado. A western omelette inbetween the bread slice. Then Have a juicy bite my friend, and you will realize why keto is just so awesome. Fatty food is great for you (as long as you do it without the carbs or no more than 20 grams of carbs per day). (No Sweets, starch, sugars, fructose/fruits) so you stay in Ketosis. Your body loves fatty foods, and will only store it if it has carbs to burn. Limited/ or almost no carbs means it gets desperate for energy forcing it to release ketone bodies that triggers your body to burn your 'fat' for fuel instead of 'carbs' for fuel. A Win win for you. You eat the fat and loose the weight. One last thing, maintain a caloric deficit 'every day' if you want to loose weight. This means you have more calories going out your body daily than calories coming in. Do it by foods, fasting, and exercise. Try intermittent fasting with 16:8 version. Keto bread makes it work.

  2. Julian Ho says:

    The ingredients are not clear. Is it 2 whole eggs + 5 egg whites. Or is it 5 eggs – 3 yolks?
    Because I did the former and after 30 mins, the inside was still mush.

  3. Texanboiii says:

    How can I tweak this recipe? I don’t want to use baking powder (and no baking soda please) is there a replacement? Maybe xantham gum, cream of tartar, acv I could use? Dry yeast? Nutritional yeast? Please help. I miss bread!

  4. DBDG0499 says:

    I'm trying this with Aqua faba and 1/2 cup of flax, I'm not using 2 cups, my bag is 16 oz, I only use it for swapping out egg, so hopefully it works! Thank you!!

  5. Hisham Aziz says:

    There's a difference between 1 cup of whole flaxseed and 1 cup of ground flaxmeal.. because when you grind the seeds they fluff up to about twice the size.. so, do you measure 1 cup of whole seeds then grind them.. or is it one cup after you grind them? I know it does sound kinda silly, but it really does make a difference.

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